• “The built environment forms the basis of our daily lives, it connects people and is an important anchor of identity. In other words, being human is directly tied to the spatial environment, without which we cannot exist. Architecture, city and landscape are our game board for peaceful coexistence, for social interaction and for the formation of society in general.”

    Professor Dr. Marc Kirschbaum,

    Course Director DBE

    In the focus area of DBE (Design for the Built Environment), we address these challenges from the perspective of architecture with international students and professors from different universities. We deal with interdisciplinary insights, concepts and methods and we work on different projects. The challenges of the present and future could hardly be greater: whether climate change, population growth, migration, digitization, the need for new mobility concepts – they are all reflected in our built environment. However, the built environment is not only the result of numerous socio-political developments, but also part of the solution.

    Welcome to DBE!

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